ECHOMATERICO is a system of competences orientated to architecture, considering its manufacturing procedures. Its main vocation is to integrate designing, analytical and manufacturing attitudes in operations of symbiotic integration, aiming to stimulate and re-activate natural and artificial ecosystem process.

Berardo Matalucci

coordinator of the design procedures

responsible for architecture and landscape


holds a degree Architectural Engineer – Architecture at the University of L’Aquila (Italy). He attended a postgraduate research at the ETSAM (Madrid, Department of Architectural Design). He got a bursary in Landscape, Art and Architecture by the Accademia of Santa Giulia in Brescia. A Master in Advanced Architecture at IAaC completed the academic education, focusing the Sustainable correlation among landscape, materialization of architecture and ecosystem dynamics.He is focusing his interest and professional activity into architectural actions and ecological behaviors as fundamental of new methodology for design strategies.

Fabiano Spano

coordinator of the design procedures

responsible for architecture and urbanism


Architecture degree (IUAV, Venice, 2005). Master Advanced architecture “Self Sufficienct habitat” (IAAC, Barcelona, 2007).

Fabiano is a young Italian architect researching on new design and urban planning strategies based on principles of environmental sustainability and energetic self sufficiency. He works as freelance architect and in collaboration with architecture studios in Lecce, Barcelona, Marseille. He is a cofounder of Echomaterico, a collaborative network for designing procedures and of H_lab composites technology s.a.s. , an atelier for design and fabrication of components with composites materials.

Enrico Crobu

coordinator of echomaterico sdr – sustainable design research

responsible for techniques and technologies for sustainability


Building Engineer with major in Architecture
. Degree in Building Engineering from The University of Cagliari, Italy, 2004. 
Master in Architecture “Self-Sufficient Housing” at The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IaaC), Barcelona, Spain, 2007.
 Master Science in “Renewable Energy and Architecture” at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2009
. Actually he is employed by the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University as Research Assistant at CRiBE (Centre for the Research in the Built Environment). Research and Activities: low-zero carbon buildings, thermal modelling, building energy modelling and assessment, energy efficiency and compliance analysis, renewable energies, sustainable development, knowledge transfer, lecturing, workshop. Research interest: Photovoltaic systems, Integration of renewable energies in urban environments, ARDUINO programming, graphic design, photography and communication.

Guillermo Iván Lopéz Dominguez



Guillermo, Architect (ITESM 2003) and composer (UAQ 2003) born in Querétaro, México in 1980. In 2006 finished a Master in Art: Studies of Modern and Contemporary Art (UAQ) and in 2007 the Master in Advanced Architecture (IaaC) in Barcelona, Spain. Along with the academic activities, he has been involved in several architectonic projects. As a musician, has performed live his electronic music and his scores have been played by different performers.