Bathimetric Tissue

The Straits system can be compared to an “intermittent pump” which, during the different seasons, before enriched itself and then it provides nutrients to the surrounding 25 basins

(source: F. Azzaro, F. Decembrini, F. Raffa, and E. Crisafi, Seasonal variability of phytoplankton fluorescence in relation to the Straits of Messina (Sicily) tidal upwelling, Papers published in Ocean Science Discussions, April 2007)

Stretto di Messina

Area Metropolitana Integrata dello Stretto di Messina: a regional protogarden

general program

Bathimetric Tissue is a project that concerns the area between Ganzirri and Capo Peloro and it is the nearest area facing Calabria.

Among some of the attivities, fishing can be still read like one of the elements that characterizes the tissue of this body of water, while swordfishing is still one of the most famous ones. The sea of the Stretto is however rich of many different species that come from tropical seas and the various water climate conditions offered by the water of the Stretto creates for them a good enviroment for living.

The Ionico and Tirrenian seas have diverse properties, such as different water temperature, water speed, conformation of the bottom oceans, etc. They insists in this part of Messina and give on to various water phenomena. In some period of time, we can percept the presence of whirpools in specific areas, affecting the coastal activities. In other moments and sometimes contemporary there are different water direction movements creating slices in the water expecially near the coast line. These phenomenons can cause the rising of the jellyfish and therefore the abandon of the beaches.

bathimetric program

The Stretto is also crossed by many ships and boats. Some of them carry passagers from Sicily to Calabria and viceversa, and others flow throught the Stretto of Messina going into the mediterrian and tirrenic seas. The study of this boat routes show some of the limits of our project interaction and its connection with the sea of the Stretto.

The currents of the sea, hitting the coast, have created erosions changing its conformation and reducing the dimension of beach areas. In matter of fact, we see concrete blocks positioned near the beaches for breaking the waves and lowering their speed.

Among the sports that many people do here, is scuba diving, exploring the bottoms of the sea and the marine vegetation and fauna.

shoreline program

The project propose a proliferated system constituted by an artificial algae that embrace multiples purposes: this algae mitigates and filters water currents, allows the growth of natural elements and feeds the local fishes. It also creates secure areas for the reproduction of the local fauna and stimulate the touristic activity.


ICAMP Workshop 2007 Messina

Students: Berardo Matalucci, Yuki Munemasa, Alfonso Pezzi, Antonino Nastasi

tutors: Jorge Godoy Roman, Marco Poletto and Claudia Pasquero (ecoLogic Studio)

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